How much will medical expenses abroad set you back?

We’re fortunate enough in the UK to be treated to medical care which provides us with free coverage the whole year round. The NHS has proven a godsend for British citizens – but as a result we’ve become somewhat spoilt when it comes to our wellbeing. The same privileges will not be extended overseas. Today, … More How much will medical expenses abroad set you back?

Girl talk. (Kind of)

Psssst. Got a minute? I need to do something that I don’t think I’ve ever done before. I accept that it might be of *slightly* more interest if you’re a female, rather than a male reader…..but with the range of male “grooming” products on the market today, you can never really be sure, can you? … More Girl talk. (Kind of)

Top travel tips

Three months to go ! And while there are just two of us on this round the world trip, there’s an army of people who’ve helped us get this far. They’ve booked our trains, boats, planes and junks. They’ve measured our feet for boots, insured our lives and luggage, jabbed our arms, and told us … More Top travel tips