Photo essay: the fantastic faces of Sapa, Vietnam

NWe had a wonderful time in Sapa, which is in the north-western corn of Vietnam, not far from the Chinese border. It’s a mountainous region with the natural/artificial landscape of terraced paddy fields. Vietnam has many minority ethnic groups and each village in this area has one or two tribes living in it. What is particularly unusual (I can’t think of another example) is that these tribes, co-existing in one village of, say, 3,000 people, can’t speak each other’s language.

Many of the subjects here are in their tribal clothes which are worn every day. I hope you enjoy browsing these faces as much as I did taking them.


We did our Vietnam and Cambodia adventure independently as part of a round the world trip. If escorted tours are more your thing, this trip with Titan Tours covers a similar itinerary:

Titan Travel – Vietnam and Cambodia

I’d love your comments below. Go on! Let us know what you think.

17 thoughts on “Photo essay: the fantastic faces of Sapa, Vietnam

  1. Beautiful pictures! That baby had a pair of scissors! ‘Elf and Safety! Seriously, it looks amazing and the women’s faces are beautiful.


    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comments, guys….and wowx100 on your brilliant Cotswolds vid ….we feel very inadequate now!!! Have a fabulous (because you are..!) trip and keep us posted. Meanwhile….we fly home today after 57 amazing days. Can’t wait to start planning the next one. Safe travels x


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