Flights booked … now what?

Two keen travellers. Overlapping wishlists. The right time of our lives. So what do we do about it? Well, our answer is to jump right in and go for the double whammy: an adventure unlike anything either of us has experienced before and we’re embarking on it as a relatively new couple. We’re just months away from a … More Flights booked … now what?

To Tonga…eventually.

Departure boards. They tease you, with their tantalising suggestions……like a hostess whipping the covers off a party feast. Your appetite’s whetted , but some of the delights get whisked away if you wait too long. Thankfully….even when the most delicious options have disappeared…they’re replenished by another dozen destinations. Whether it’s a train station terminus in … More To Tonga…eventually.

Nice to see you…but not naked, thanks.

You get to see more, I think, when you travel solo. You don’t have to hide your sneaky peeks at people behind your shades, for one (oh come ON…we’ve all done it…) But today, there are some sights I don’t necessarily want to gaze at for too long. For example: the oiled and topless women … More Nice to see you…but not naked, thanks.

Rome alone…and a scare in the air.

Preparing for life as an empty nester can be a mix of sadness and excitement.You’ve nurtured and raised your fledglings. You’ve warned them they’ll have to flap those wings like crazy to stay airborne. And then—before you embark on the travels you’ve been planning for so long– you watch them fly. In my case, it … More Rome alone…and a scare in the air.

Nepal – A tale of a couch potato and a Snickers bar

It was late September 2012 and I was 44 years old. I think it’s fair to say that over the previous couple of years, I had been more acquainted with curry and red wine than exercise and physical hardship. Apart from the odd leisure walk in the Sussex countryside, I have not done much to … More Nepal – A tale of a couch potato and a Snickers bar